Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1951

Visitor From Description Date
Prime Minister Pleven France At the invitation of the President. Discussed collective security in the Far East and Europe with President Truman. January 29–30, 1951
Prime Minister Holland New Zealand Met with President Truman February 8 while returning from a Commonwealth conference in London. February 5–10, 1951
President Auriol France Addressed U.S. Congress April 2. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. April 4. March 28–April 2, 1951
Prime Minister Pholien Belgium Met with President Truman April 9 during a private visit. Arrived in U.S. March 31; visited New York City. April 2–10, 1951
Prime Minister Shah Mahmud Afghanistan Unofficial visit. Had come to Baltimore (Maryland) in February for medical treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital. April 20–26, 1951
Prime Minister Ben-Gurion Israel Goodwill visit and promotion of Israel Bonds. Also visited Knoxville (Tennessee), New York City, West Point (New York), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Princeton (New Jersey), Baltimore (Maryland), Boston (Massachusetts), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Chicago, Detroit (Michigan), Cleveland (Ohio), Los Angeles. Departed U.S. May 31. May 3–8, 1951
Prime Minister Gerhardsen Norway In the U.S. May 15–29, visiting New York City and ethnic communities in the Midwest and Far West. May 25–28, 1951
President Galo Plaza Ecuador Guest of U.S. Government. Addressed U.S. Congress June 21. Afterwards visited New York City and San Francisco. Departed U.S. June 29. June 20–23, 1951
President Quirino Philippines Signed a security treaty. August 30, 1951
Prime Minister Yoshida Japan Attended the Japanese Peace Conference in San Francisco. September 3–5, 1951
Prime Minister Tran Van Huu Vietnam Attended the Japanese Peace Conference in San Francisco. September 3–5, 1951
Prime Minister De Gasperi Italy At invitation of the U.S. Government. Met with President Truman after a NATO meeting in Ottawa, Canada. Addressed U.S. Congress September 24. September 24–26, 1951
Prime Minister Mossadeq Iran Discussed the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute after appearing at the UN Arrived in U.S. October 8. October 23–November 18, 1951