Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1957

Visitor From Description Date
King Saud Saudi Arabia State visit to Washington. January 30–February 8, 1957
Premier Mollet France Official visit. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. March 2. February 25–28, 1957
President Diem Vietnam State visit. In the U.S. May 5–May 21. Also visited Honolulu (Hawaii), San Francisco, New York City, Detroit and Lansing (Michigan), Knoxville (Tennessee), and Los Angeles. Addressed U.S. Congress May 9. May 8–12, 1957
Chancellor Adenauer Germany, Federal Republic of Official visit. Private visit to New York City and Greenwich (Connecticut) May 24–25. May 27–29, 1957
Prime Minister Kishi Japan Official visit. In U.S. June 16–29. Also visited Honolulu (Hawaii), San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. June 19–22, 1957
Prime Minister Suhrawardy Pakistan Official visit. Afterwards visited Colorado Springs (Colorado), the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City (Utah), Omaha (Nebraska), Detroit (Michigan), and New York City. Departed U.S. July 27. July 10–13, 1957
Prime Minister Diefenbaker Canada Accompanied Queen Elizabeth II. October 16–21, 1957
Queen Elizabeth II United Kingdom Attended ceremonies for the350th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in America. In U.S. June 16–21, visited Jamestown and Williamsburg (Virginia), Washington, and New York City. October 17–20, 1957
Prime Minister Macmillan United Kingdom Informal meeting with President Eisenhower. October 23–25, 1957
King Mohamed V Morocco State visit. Afterwards visited Williamsburg (Virginia), Dallas (Texas), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Omaha (Nebraska), Niagara Falls (ew York), and New York City. Departed U.S. December 13. November 25–28, 1957
President U Win Maung Burma Private visit to obtain medical treatment. Met with President Eisenhower December 23. December 16–28, 1957