Visits By Foreign Leaders of Hawaii

Visitor Description Date
King Kalakaua In U.S. November 29, 1874–February 2, 1875. Stops included New York City, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis (Missouri), and Omaha (Nebraska). First visit by a foreign Chief of State or Head of Government. December 12–23, 1874
King Kalakaua Private visit during world tour. In U.S. September 23–October 22, visiting New York City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Baltimore (Maryland), Hampton (Virginia), Lexington (Kentucky), Omaha (Nebraska), and San Francisco. September 28, 1881
President Dole Discussed U.S. annexation of Hawaii. In U.S. January 17–February 22, visiting San Francisco, Chicago, Buffalo (New York), Cleveland (Ohio), and St. Louis (Missouri). January 26–February 6, 1898