Visits By Foreign Leaders of Paraguay

Visitor Description Date
President Morinigo Guest of U.S. Government on invitation of the President. In the U.S. June 8–26, visited Detroit (Michigan), Buffalo (New York), and New York City. Addressed U.S. Congress June 10. June 9–13, 1943
President Alfredo Stroessner Official visit. In U.S. March 19–23; visited Williamsburg and New York City. March 20–22, 1968
President Alfredo Stroessner Attended signing of the Panama Canal Treaty. September 6–9, 1977
President Andres Rodriguez Private visit. June 15, 1990
President Juan Carlos Wasmosy Attended the Summit of the Americas in Miami, Florida. December 9–11, 1994
President Nicanor Duarte Frutos Working visit. September 26, 2003
President Fernando Lugo Met with President Bush at the Council of the Americas in New York City. September 24, 2008
President Fernando Lugo Working visit. October 29, 2008
President Mario Abdo Benítez Working Visit. December 12–15, 2019