Mr. Harvey to Mr. Hunter

No. 344.]

Sir: The Russian minister, Mr. de Kondriaffsky, called upon me this morning and brought with him the last number of the “Journal de Saint Petersbourg,” (the official paper,) containing an article describing the manner in which the Russian squadron, bearing the remains of the lamented archduke, had been received in the port of Lisbon, and the part taken by this legation and our ships-of-war.

As the semi-official note which I addressed to the minister on that occasion had also been published, he desired to explain to me that he had transmitted it at the time to the Emperor, who, being pleased with the sentiments therein expressed, had personally directed the note to be embodied in the official document of the proceedings.

This is all the information I have regarding the publication in question, and in case it should happen to attract your attention, I have thought it proper to make this statement, in order to correct any possible misapprehension.

I permit myself to believe that the sentiments of that hasty but sincere note express the real feelings of our government and people towards a country which never wavered in friendship or fidelity when those terms had a practical and valuable signification.

I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


Hon. William Hunter, Acting Secretary of State.