Mr. Wood to Mr. Blumhe

No. 47.]

Sir: From authentic information this day received from the legation of the United States at Paris, there is reason to fear that one or more vessels-of-war built in France, but carrying the Danish flag, have recently passed into the hands of the so-called confederates of North America. Though I do not suppose that his Majesty’s government has sanctioned or will sanction such a use of that flag, yet it is very desirable that the government which I have the honor to represent should be in possession of all the facts connected with this transaction, with a view to obtain such information, (if in the possession of his Majesty’s government.)

I take the liberty of herewith enclosing to your excellency certain inquiries which, when answered, will put me in possession of the desired information. May I ask of your excellency as early an answer as will be convenient.

With renewed assurances of distinguished consideration, I have the honor to remain your excellency’s obedient servant,

BRADFORD R. WOOD, Minister Resident.

His Excellency Mr. Blumhe, Minister of Foreign Affairs, &c.

[Page 167]

1st. How many vessels has the Danish government purchased in France?

2d. What are the names they bore before and after their purchase by the Danish government?

3d. Were they, or either of them, afterwards sent back to France, and what were the orders given their captains in respect to their delivery?

4th. When and where were they delivered, into whose hands, and what became of their equipage?

5th. Were they sold before their redelivery; and if so, to whom, and what were the terms of sale?

6th. Was any notice given to the French government that the vessels were not accepted by the Danish government before their sale and delivery to the new purchasers; if so, when and to whom?

7th. What was the name, rank, and nationality of the officer who took command of them, or either of them; and where and how were they, or either of them, named after the departure of their Danish equipage?

8th. Had they any armament on board when they were delivered; if so, in what did it consist?

9th. Were any arms or munitions of war taken on board while the Danish equipage was being transferred; if so, of what did they consist?