Mr. Wood to Mr. Blumhe

No. 48.]

Sir: In addition to the inquiries I had the honor to address to you on the 4th instant, I would suggest, inasmuch as I learn from Paris that the French government say the Danish government bought the Staerkodder absolutely, that his Majesty’s government furnish me with a certified copy of the contract and any other papers that passed between the two governments, and I would also respectfully inquire under what permission and other circumstances the Staerkodder left Copenhagen, whether under the command of an officer of the Danish navy, and whether she was fully coaled and armed. I assure your excellency that in seeking this information, I do it to exculpate his Majesty’s government from any censure in the transaction.

With renewed assurances of high consideration, I have the honor to remain your excellency’s obedient servant,

BRADFORD R. WOOD, Minister Resident.

His Excellency Mr. Blumhe, Minister of Foreign Affairs.