Mr. Wood to Mr. Seward

No. 189.]

Sir: The director general of the ministry called on me yesterday with copies of the testimony already taken, (in Danish,) and said they would allow any further examination of the witnesses desired. I shall look them over with Consul Hansen, (whose Danish makes him very useful,) and supply any deficiencies. I have requested this government to inform officially the French and Spanish governments that the Staerkodder, now Stonewall, never belonged to the Danish government, and the director general assures me it shall be done. But as with [Page 176] men, so with governments, who have little to do, they are forever doing it. I have sent to Mr. Bigelow the copies of the original contract between this government and Arman for the building of the Staerkodder, and of other documents, verified, and the Danish are translated into English.

Learning that a man by the name of Block was enlisting sailors for the confederates, and soldiers for the north, whom it seems he literally sold or forced to enlist, I have made complaint against him, and he is (the director general informs me) to be proceeded against criminally.

We are still blocked up by ice.

I remain, &c., your obedient servant,

BRADFORD R. WOOD, Minister Resident, &c.

Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State.