Mr. Seward to Mr. Portman

No. 2.]

Sir: A communication has been received from Mr. Pruyn, dated at London, July 31, transmitting the convention of January 28, 1864, for the reduction of import duties, concluded by him with the Japanese government, and also the convention entered into by and between his Majesty the Tycoon and the governments of the United States, Great Britain, France, and Holland, providing for the payment to said governments of the sum of three millions of dollars for indemnities and expenses. The latter instrument is accompanied by a memorandum executed by the ministers of said treaty powers, explanatory thereof and embracing returns of the forces employed in the recent operations in Japan.

These two conventions will, at the commencement of the next session of Congress, be submitted to the Senate for its consideration with a view to ratification.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


A. L. C. Portman, Esq., &c., &c, Yedo.