The Minister of France in Mexico to the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Minister: The despatch which your excellency did me the honor to write to me the 14th of November last, reached me on the 13th instant. The same day I began active measures for the purpose of obtaining that the convention which I had signed for the settlement of our claims should be modified in what concerns the bonds to be delivered to our countrymen.

I at first met with a brisk opposition. The emperor and Mr. Castillo maintained, which is true, that the remittance of obligations analogous to those of the second loan in place of bonds of the first, would become more onerous on the Mexican treasury, the conversion and the establishment of premiums having occasioned considerable outlay. However, I showed myself so pressing that I carried the point next day. I have had it understood that it was requisite to place the Emperor Napoleon and his government in position to declare to the French Chambers that the affair of the claims is decidedly settled. That there might be no doubt about it, and that the concession I asked for should have a thorough official character, I passed on this subject an exchange of notes with Mr. Castillo.

The clause in virtue of which a sum of 23,560,000 francs in bonds of the first loan at par was to be paid over to us, having become impracticable in consequence of the conversion, it rests established that this sum shall be remitted to us in obligations of the second series remaining without definite employment.

The minister for foreign affairs has given instructions in this sense to the Mexican minister at Paris, and the Mexican commission will have to remit the obligations as soon as the convention shall be ratified.

I shall wait till your excellency lets me know what change must be made in the draft of the convention.

Accept, &c., &c.