Mr. Tassara to Mr. Seward

The undersigned, minister plenipotentiary of her Catholic Majesty, has the honor to pass into the hands of the Secretary of State copy of a despatch of the 25th November last, which he has just received from his government, according to which the commandant general of the naval forces of her Majesty in the Pacific will permit, as has until now been done, the entry and departure of the public correspondence at the blockaded ports of Chili, in the mode expressed in the same despatch, and upon express condition that in the same way the official correspondence of the Spanish government should be carried.

The undersigned wails of this fresh occasion to offer to the honorable Secretary of State of the United States the assurance of his highest consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c ., &c., &c.


Mr. Bermudez de Castro to Mr. Tassara

Your Excellency: Under this date I say to the commandant general of the naval forces of her Majesty in the Pacific as follows:

“The ambassador of France at Madrid has expressed the wish of his government that orders may be given you to permit the entry and departure of the public correspondence at the blockade ports of Chili. I have replied, through the medium of the Queen’s ambassador [Page 584] at Paris, that no inconvenience was seen in acceding to this intimation, but that it must be kept in mind in this respect that your excellency, far from placing obstacles in the way of the realization of this wish, had shown yourself disposed from the beginning to facilitate it by bringing about an agreement with the captain of the British ship of the line, which arrived at Valparaiso soon after the declaration of the blockade, and that certainly it was not your fault if such agent did not respond to your invitation, and refused to receive official despatches addressed to the Spanish government, giving evidence of improper partiality by a functionary charged with a public and retributory service. In conformity with the answer given to the French government, you will please to direct that vessels which carry the public mails shall lie to at the entrance to the blockade ports, that their boat or some other belonging to the Spanish ships of war may carry the mails ashore, and there collect such as may there be delivered to them; but if, notwithstanding this show of forbearance on our part, the English agents or those in charge of the mails shall refuse to receive the official despatches of the Spanish squadron, you will prevent any communication with the ports of the republic, as we cannot admit a difference so offensive and prejudicial to Spain. Notice of this determination is given to the governments of France, England, the United States, Ecuador, and Peru,” which I communicate to you for your information, and that you may advise the Secretary of State of the United States thereof. God, &c.


The Minister Plenipotentiary of her Majesty at Washington.