Mr. Tassara to Mr. Seward.

The undersigned, minister plenipotentiary of her Catholic Majesty, has the honor to address himself to the honorable Secretary of State of the United States, to make known to him that since the public and notorious fact of the explosion at Taboga, occasioned by sundry barrels which contained inflammable materials for the use of torpedoes, it is announced through the same channel that there had been sent from New York, by the company of Wells, Fargo, a torpedo, marked “W. S. Betts, Aspinwall,” and besides twenty-two cases, probably with ingredients, with the mark “Y. T. C.,” all under care of a citizen of this country called Mr. Dows. At the same time, correspondence lately received from Callao announces the arrival at that capital, bound for Chili, of a quantity of torpedo projectiles, to be employed against the Spanish squadron, coming also from New York, and in charge of another citizen of this country. In view of these circumstances, the undersigned thinks proper to call the attention of the Secretary of State, in order to obtain the establishment of strict watchfulness over what vessels are doing, as well for the company to which I refer as for every other vessel which may take shipments of this nature; and the more so when it appears known to the honorable Secretary of State that Peru has declared war against Spain, and renders equally suspicious whatever is directed to the ports of Peru as to those of Chili.

In the hope the honorable Secretary of State will deign to accede to so just a request, the undersigned avails of the occasion to reiterate the assurances of his highest consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c.,&c., &c.