Mr. Tassara to Mr. Seward.

The undersigned, minister plenipotentiary of her Catholic Majesty, has advices that the owners of the Meteor applied yesterday to the district court at New York, praying that she may be released under surety, and that the application was to be decided on Monday the 12th instant. The undersigned must believe that under existing charges and proofs the court will not accede to the application. He hopes, however, that the government of the United States in the sphere of its attributes will give instructions to the district attorney of New York to oppose it, trusting that, even in the case of the court acceding to the motion, the vessel will not be delivered to the owners.

The undersigned must urge this matter the more as the Meteor, not having, as is notorious, the qualities of a merchant vessel, there is no reason for letting her go on any ground, having reason to suppose that her owners, in accordance with the Chilian agents, are disposed not merely to lay down the security in question, but whatever other additional securities may be exacted from them, in order to use the vessel, once outside the jurisdiction of the United States to go and cruise against the commerce and mercantile marine of Spain. What follows, therefore, is, that the cause may take its course, always on the supposition that the vessel be not given up. Hoping this, as well from the justice and the good faith of the United States, the undersigned avails of the occasion to reiterate to the honorable Secretary of State the assurance of his highest consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.