Mr. Stoeckl to Mr. Seward

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to annex hereto an extract of a report which has been addressed to me by Captain Pestchouroff, our commissioner at Sitka.

You will perceive from it, Mr. Secretary of State, that it refers to some buildings which are claimed by General Davis and the collector of customs, Dodge. The division of the public and private property has already been settled, and a protocol concerning it has been signed and drawn up by the two commissioners. I think that the way to settle the question of which Captain Pestchouroff speaks will be to adhere to the strict terms of that formal document.

You will perhaps deem it expedient to give General Davis your orders on the subject, and I shall not fail to furnish Captain Pestchouroff with similar instructions.

I beg of you, Mr. Secretary of State, to be pleased to bring this communication to the knowledge of the Secretary of the Treasury, who must have received a report from Mr. Dodge having relation to this affair.

Be pleased to receive, Mr. Secretary of State, the repeated assurances of my very high consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.

Extract of a report from Captain de Pestchouroff, dated New Archangel, Sitka, December 12–24, 1868.

General Jefferson Davis, in command of the United States troops stationed in Alaska, has assigned, as government reservation, the most eligible portion of the town of New Archangel. This reservation includes several buildings, the property of the Russian-American Company, viz: two storehouses, one fur tannery, and two dwelling houses. If the federal government indorses the order of General Davis, the owners of the real estate in question will lose their rights of possession, and it is therefore desirable that the company’s building, located within the limits of the new reservation, should be purchased by the federal government. Mr. Dodge, collector of customs, has expressed the opinion that one of the buildings near the wharf is perfectly adapted for an appraisement store, and he intends referring the matter to the Secretary of the Treasury. The price of this building is $12,000 in gold; the other four can be purchased for $10,000 in gold.