No. 960.
Baron Rosen to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence exchanged between this legation and the Department of State on the subject of the International Prison Congress to assemble at St. Petersburg in 1890, I have the honor to forward to you, by order of my Government, the inclosed printed documents.

Protocols* of the session held at Berne in September, 1886, of the International Prison Commission.
Regulations* for the International Prison Commission, and an act interpreting the same adopted at the conference held at Berne in September, 1886.

These documents have been submitted to the governments participating in the International Prison Commission, viz: The governments of France, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Bavaria, Switzerland, Baden, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the senates of the free cities of Hamburg and Lubeck. All these governments, with the exception of that of Spain, who reserved their opinion, have notified their approval of the interpretation act elaborated by the conference at Berne.

The success of the congress of 1890 being in a measure dependent on the participation of the greatest possible number of governments in the preparatory work intrusted to the International Prison Commission, I am instructed to bring the foregoing to the notice of the Government of the United States.

Accept, etc.,

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