Mr. Bayard to Mr. Herbert.

Sir: On the 22d of June last, I had the honor to address a note to Mr. Edwardes, chargé d’affaires ad interim of the British legation, touching the case of the American ship Bridgewater, the circumstances of which were fully detailed in that communication. On the 25th of the same month a note was received from Mr. Edwardes, in which he informed me that he had transmitted my note to his Government. Since that time no further communication in regard to the case has been received.

The telegrams of the Canadian officials referred to in my note seemed so clearly to admit the irregularity of the proceedings against the Bridgewater, and the principles of protection to disabled merchantmen which were involved were so important that it was hoped the Government of Her Majesty would concur with that of the United States in the opinion that a satisfactory adjustment of the claim between the two Governments should speedily be reached. But as this Department has failed as yet to receive any reply to its representations, I would be obliged to you if you would bring the matter again to the attention of Her Majesty’s Government, and in so doing communicate an expression of the hope of this Government that a favorable answer may soon be returned.

I have, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.