Mr. Taylor to Mr. Gresham.

No. 272.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that after the receipt on Saturday morning of your telegram concerning the Cuban tariff on flour and other American products, I at once arranged for a conference with the minister of state for the afternoon of that day. Owing to a pressing engagement at the time first fixed the minister postponed the interview until the afternoon of yesterday, when I read to him your telegram, together with the text of section 5 of the act of August 30, 1890, referred to therein. After a brief conversation the minister assured me that he would at once refer the subject to the minister of the colonies with an earnest recommendation that he do all in his power to so arrange the Cuban tariff (a work now in progress) as to secure to the [Page 626] United States the most favored nation treatment. At the end of the interview I sent you a telegram. I shall give this important subject my most careful consideration, and I will telegraph any answer that may be received to your suggestion.

I inclose herein, with translation, a copy of a personal note which I have just received from the minister of state as to our interview above described.

I am, etc.,

Hannis Taylor.

Mr. Groizard to Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Minister: Duly acquainted with the telegram of the Secretary of State, which you have been good enough to communicate to me, relative to the duties which are imposed in the Antilles upon American products, I hasten to bring such an important matter to the attention of the minister of ultramar, upon whom it depends for decision. I am sure that my colleague, as well as the whole Government, will seek the means of maintaining, without trespassing on the laws, the friendly commercial relations which have so great an interest for our respective countries.

You may also count, of course, upon my concurrence to find a solution which may satisfy as much as possible the wishes of the Government of the United States, and which may also serve the purposes of friendly concord animating that of Spain.

As soon as the resolution of my colleague of ultramar is known to me, I will have the honor to communicate it to you. In the meantime I remain,

Your sincere friend,

Alejandro Groizard.