Mr. Adee to Mr. Runyon.

No. 401.]

Sir: I have to inform you that your dispatch, No. 331, of the 9th instant, in regard to the regulations in force in Germany relating to the importation of cattle and meat products from foreign countries, has been received and a copy thereof sent to the Secretary of Agriculture for his information.

In this connection I inclose for your information a copy of my instruction No. 158,1 of the 26th instant, to the United States minister at Brussels, to bring the matter of the prohibition of the importation of American cattle into Belgium to the attention of the Belgian Government and to ask for the revocation of its restrictive decree on the subject in view of the fact that the present healthful condition of all kinds of live stock in the United States is well established, as is shown by the letter of the Secretary of Agriculture of the 22d instant, a copy of which accompanies that instruction.

You are instructed to avail yourself of a convenient opportunity to bring this subject to the attention of the German Government, and to ask that in view of the present good sanitary condition of our live stock the question of revoking the decree prohibiting the importation of American beef cattle and fresh beef into Germany may be taken into consideration.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
  1. See p. 34, ante.