Mr. Runyon to Mr. Gresham.

No. 242.]

Sir: Since sending my dispatch of yesterday1 on the subject of the permissibility of the transportation of fresh meat through Germany to the markets of Austria, I have received (by note verbale) an answer to my inquiry therein referred to, and I herein inclose a copy of such note, with a translation thereof, and have the honor to be, etc.,

Theodore Runyon
[Page 501]
[Inclosure in No. 242.]

note verbale.

The foreign office has the honor to inform the embassy of the United States of America, with respect to, the communication made to it by memorandum of the 21st of last month of his excellency the ambassador, that the existing prohibition and restriction in regard to the importation into Germany of meat from foreign countries is applicable in principle also to the transportation of meat through Germany. Hence it follows that since the importation of American beef has since the end of last year been prohibited, the transportation of such goods is equally not permissible, and the transportation of pork under the provisions of the Imperial regulation of September, 1891 (Imperial law sheet, p. 385), is only allowed where the goods are accompanied by an official certificate that the meat has in the country of its origin been, according to the regulations of such country in regard to the export to Germany, subjected to the prescribed inspection and found to be free from qualities injurious to health.

  1. Not printed.