Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that a representation has been recently made to Her Majesty’s Government by the committee of Lloyds, drawing attention to the large number of fires on board cotton ships in United States ports.

The accompanying list, furnished by the committee, gives a statement of those that have occurred from the commencement of the present cotton season up to November 24 last, and I should be much obliged if you would be kind enough to favor me with such information as you may possess as to the origin of these fires.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.
[Page 737]

List of fires on cotton ships up to November 24, 1894.

[Liverpool Salvage Association.]

Vessel. Destination. On fire at—
Shidby Liverpool Savannah.
Dalegarth do Do.
Castlegarth Bremen Do.
Baltimore City Barcelona and Genoa Do.
Stag Bremen Do.
Petunia do Do.
Armenia do Do.
Whitfield do Do.
County Down do Do.
Hajeen Bremen (from New Orleans) Put into Key West.
John Bright Liverpool Galveston.
Georgios Michalinos Havre Do.
Maria Dolores (Spanish bark) Barcelona Charleston.
Lampasas Galveston to New York Breakwater (Philadelphia).
Alamo do New York.
Royal Welsh Dunkirk (from New Orleans) Marquesa, south of Key West, since off and at Norfolk.
Alvedena Reval New Orleans.
Paulina Liverpool Galveston.
Barbadian (Wharf fire; cotton not on board.) New Orleans.
Yucatan Do Do.
Malabar (Second wharf fire) Do.
Pembridge Bremen Galveston.
Madrileno Liverpool New Orleans.
Starlight Liverpool (from Galveston) Put in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

This list of cases on the other side, and excludes Baltic, Bremen, Havre, and Mediterranean fires.