Mr. Denby to Mr. Olney.

No. 2303.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose a translation of a commutation from the Tsung-li Yamên, relating to the recent riots at Kutien in the Province of Fuhkien. It will be seen that the Yamên has ordered the arrest and punishment of the murderers, and that protection be insured to foreigners.

I have, etc.,

Charles Denby
[Inclosure in No. 2303—Translation.]

The Tsung-li Yamên to Mr. Denby.

Your Excellency: We had the honor on the 5th instant to receive your excellency’s note stating that it had come to your knowledge that a riot of a serious nature had taken place at Kutien, in the province of Fuhkien, and that a number of foreigners had been murdered; that you desired to express your horror and regret at this outrageous occurrence against peaceable people, and to ask that telegraphic instructions be at once sent to the viceroy at Foochow to use every means in his power to give full and adequate protection to Americans residing in the province.

With regard to the riot at Kutien, where foreigners were murdered, we have the honor to state that on the 5th of August an imperial decree was issued, which was telegraphed to the governor-general of Foochow, ordering that officer to vigorously arrest the persons concerned in the riot and murder and to punish them according to law.

Further, the local officials have been instructed to spare no measure in giving due protection to foreigners and to prevent further riots. The [Page 102] telegraphic reply received, from Foochow does not give full particulars of the riot, and the Yamên again ordered that these be punished, but up to the present no further telegrams have been received.

Any further news that your excellency may have received during the past few days we will thank you to communicate to the Yamên and oblige.