Mr. Takahira to Mr. Hay.

No. 78.]

Sir: Referring to my previous conversations with you, I now have the honor to inform you that the Emperor, my august sovereign, desiring to strengthen by every means possible the relations of amity and good correspondence that bind together the United States and Japan has been pleased to order His Imperial Highness Prince Sadanaru, of the House of Fushimi, to proceed to the United States for the double purpose of conveying to the President His Imperial Majesty’s message of the cordial good will and friendship, and of visiting the Louisiana Purchase Exposition now being held at St. Louis.

His Imperial Highness will leave Yokohama for San Francisco on the 22d instant in the steamship Manchuria, accompanied by Mr. Sato, minister resident and acting grandmaster of the Fushimi-no-Miya, Count S. Terashima, Maj. S. Mihara of the imperial infantry, Mr. N. Watanabe, master of ceremonies of the imperial household, and others. As to other particulars concerning the intended visit of the Prince, I will bring them to your notice as I shall be definitely informed thereof.

Be pleased, etc.,

K. Takahira.