Mr. Loomis to Mr. Eddy.


(Mr. Loomis instructs Mr. Eddy to call the attention of the minister for foreign affairs to the treaty of 1854, and that, as legitimate commerce is carried on by American ships with Japanese ports and the Far East, the United States Government, considering the above treaty and section 1, article 5, of the Russian proclamation of rules of conduct in the war between Russia and Japan, expects and, should the contingency arise, shall claim rights under that treaty or international law.

As it is represented that the Knight Commander was under American charter and was carrying American property, instructs him to inquire whether that vessel was sunk by the commander who made the seizure, and to inform the Russian Government that if such is the case the Government of the United States would view with the gravest concern the application of similar treatment to American vessels and cargoes, and that this Government reserves all rights of security, regular treatment, and reparation for American cargo on the Knight Commander and in any seizure of American vessels.)