Mr. Adee to Mr. McCormick.


(Mr. Adee transmits the manifest of the Arabia which shows the following consignments to Japan, viz:

  • To Yokohama: 2,905 sacks of flour, 66 pieces of machinery, 1 package cleansing fluid, 71 car bodies, 166 trucks and fittings.
  • To Kobe: 15,600 sacks of flour, 4 pieces structural iron, 4 packages blinds.
  • To Nagasaki: 200 sacks of flour.

None of these consignments were on account of the Japanese Government, and none were contraband even under the Russian proclamation and were all intended for private use only. The balance of the cargo was consigned to neutral ports in China. Instructs him to request the release of the vessel and cargo, and to state to the Russian Government that speedy release of the ship and all noncontraband cargo would be appreciated by this Government.)