Mr. Loomis to Mr. Russell.

No. 108.]

Sir: You are instructed to ascertain immediately whether the Government of Venezuela has appointed a commissioner, in accordance with the protocol of an agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of Venezuela for submission to arbitration of all unsettled claims against Venezuela, signed at Washington on the 17th of February, 1903. If the commissioner to be chosen by the [Page 864] Government of Venezuela has not been appointed, you will immediately call the attention of the minister for foreign affairs to the omission and urge prompt compliance with this provision of the protocol.

You will further state that the commissioner on the part of the United States and its agent will sail from New York about May 15 and will be prepared to begin work on the morning of June 1, as is provided in the protocol.

You will suggest to the Venezuelan Government that it is expected that proper rooms for the sittings of the commission will be furnished and that they will be ready for occupancy upon the arrival of our commissioner. It is the desire of this Government that the work of adjudicating the claims should proceed as speedily as possible.

Very respectfully, yours,

Francis B. Loomis.