Mr. Bowen to Mr. Hay.

No. 242.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I arrived here on the 4th instant, and to thank you for the many kindnesses that I have received from you and your subordinates during the last year.

I called on the President yesterday. He told me that he believes the revolution is completely crushed; that he will have no serious difficulties with foreign powers. * * *

I urged him to free all political prisoners as soon as possible, and to permit General Matos and the widow and sons of ex-President Guzman Blanco to return to Caracas when they choose. Then I handed to him a memorandum showing how much money this Government owes on the Hancox and mixed claims, and requested him to continue the payments to this legation without delay. He promised to give the matter his attention.

This morning I called on the minister for foreign affairs and handed him a duplicate of the same memorandum. He stated that [Page 870] he thought the payments could be made in conformity with my request.

The situation in Venezuela has improved quite perceptibly since I was here last May. The country is quiet, and trade is better.

I am, etc.,

Herbert W. Bowen.