Mr. Loomis to Mr. Bowen.

No. 168.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of Mr. Russell’s No. 225, of November 29 last, containing inclosures of certain documents relating to attachments issued by local courts against the award of the United States and Venezuelan mixed claims commission in the case of Henry F. Rudloff.

You will advise the Venezuelan Government that the awards rendered by the said commission, in behalf of the claimants, who are United States citizens, are the property of the United States; that the Government of the latter can not recognize the validity of any attachment issued against its property in said awards; that said awards will be collected by the United States Government, and that it will make distribution thereof to whatever parties it may find equitably entitled thereto, and that creditors having claims against claimants before the said commission who are United States citizens would be left to their ordinary recourse before the courts, and that an attempt by the creditors of such claimants to attach the said property of the United States Government would be inconsistent with the comity of States and in contravention of the principles of international law.

I am, etc.,

Francis B. Loomis,
Acting Secretary.