File No. 600.119/460a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp )


2899. For McCormick from War Trade Board:

Our No. 16. Read text our proposals Norway 29th [27th]1 Denmark 28th2 via London which brings matter to date. We have received no reply. Are requesting Ministers Christiania, Copenhagen to send reply when received through London for your information.

Holland. Do you wish us cable schedule Dutch needs presented before your departure? We proposed and Dutch accepted subsequently food ration based on 2,800 calories per day per capita to include entire food intake population. We proposed to Dutch mission here that they release all tonnage now lying idle American ports for one voyage safe trade pending completion negotiations at rate 35 shillings. We have no reply. Recommend you repeat this proposal with addition of all Dutch tonnage letting those which are loaded be discharged.

Sweden. No progress since your departure. We agree limitation and not exclusion ore exports Central powers.

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