File No. 763.72/4480

The French Ambassador ( Jusserand) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: The press having recently announced that the United States intended to establish a strict scrutiny of shipments intended for Switzerland, the Government of the Republic wishes me to confirm that information which could bring it but the highest satisfaction.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs however thinks that such a scrutiny of Swiss imports being organized in Paris and carried on through an inter-Allied commission, there would be the greatest advantage if the American Government would—

Refrain from a final decision until it had arrived at an understanding with the Allied Governments in the matter;
Be represented at the earliest possible date on the International Commission on Contingents sitting at Paris. That commission has in its possession all the documents with which to determine with some degree of accuracy the needs of Switzerland and fix the conditions under which those needs may be met by the Allies.

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I should be thankful to Your Excellency if you would enable me at your earliest convenience to report to my Government how this suggestion which has already been offered to the Ambassador of the United States at Paris without any objection from him shall have been received by the Federal Government.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]