File No. 654.119/7

The British Ambassador ( Spring Rice) to the Counselor for the Department of State ( Polk)

My Dear Mr. Counsellor: In handing to you the enclosed memoranda on Swiss; war trade questions,1 I should like to make it quite clear that the fact that the Allied Governments have concluded an agreement with the Swiss Government is not to be construed as indicating that the Allied Governments are content that the Swiss Government should supply the enemy with produce and livestock, etc, left free under such agreements.

His Majesty’s Government also wish to make it clear that while in previous communications they have not suggested any particular action by the Government of the United States in regard to Swiss exports to Germany, they do not wish to be understood to recommend that the United States should be content with the situation as it stands. Indeed it is obvious that the Allied Governments would welcome any arrangements by which the export of Swiss native produce to the enemy could be curtailed and if the United States Government has any proposals to make with this end in view, His Majesty’s Government would be very glad to consider them.

Believe me [etc.]

Cecil Spring Rice
  1. Not printed.