File No. 033.5411/7a

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland ( Wilson )


1075. You may state informally to the Government and paraphrase discreetly for publicity purposes that the Swiss commissioners who are departing for Europe have left a most favorable impression [Page 1177] here; that cordial relations were immediately established between them and the American officials due in large measure to the natural sympathy existing between two republics; and as a result the conferences were conducted in a frank and friendly spirit and with a full appreciation of the respective difficulties of the two countries. It is hoped and believed that the problems, which have vexed the two Governments, will be satisfactorily solved in a way which will not do violence to the neutral policy of Switzerland or materially affect the measures which the United States has adopted in prosecuting the war. To such an adjustment of interests the Swiss commissioners have greatly contributed.