File No. 763.72/7855

The Swiss Minister ( Sulzer) to the Secretary of State

Sir: At a conference held on November 16, 1917, with Mr. John Beaver White and Mr. Thomas L. Chadbourne, representing the War Trade Board, I was informed that a cable had been received from the American mission now in Europe to the effect that it is their intention to transfer to Paris the negotiations heretofore carried on between the War Trade Board and myself with regard to an agreement governing exports to Switzerland.

I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that I have communicated this information to my Government and am now directed to say that the Swiss Government will gladly comply with this request and take up negotiations with the American mission in Europe. My Government believes that these negotiations would be greatly facilitated if the members of the mission designated would visit Berne so that, through personal observation, they may become thoroughly familiar with the actual conditions under which Switzerland is endeavoring to keep up her economic life in relation to the belligerent nations and exercising the most conscientious control over all imports and exports.

I, therefore, beg leave, in accordance with the instructions from my Government, to request Your Excellency to ask these gentlemen to honor Switzerland with their visit.

Accept [etc.]

Hans Sulzer