422.11G93/1051: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Hartman) to the Secretary of State

Advisory Commission recommends to Congress arbitration of differences between Ecuadorean Government and Guayaquil and Quito Railway Company.

Following is the substance of proposal:

  • Article 1. Arbitrators will take oath of office before the President of Supreme Court of Ecuador, and from that moment they will be authorized to agree upon the organization and constitution of the tribunal and its procedure until final decision.
  • Article 2. The arbitration will include all questions pending between the Government and railway company from June 14, 1897 to date of decision.
  • Article 3. Their decision, or the decision of the third member who may be named in conformity with article 27 of contract of June 14, 1897, will be unappealable.”

I earnestly recommend railway company to refuse to accept proposal for several reasons which will be sent by mail and because proposal ignores settlement by contract of 1908.