814.00/302: Telegram

The Chargé in Guatemala (Thurston) to the Acting Secretary of State

My May 5th, 4 p.m. Bishop Pinol delivered several addresses during the past week to large audiences. His discourses as reported to [Page 265] me are even more severe than the text of his contemplated letter to President Cabrera which was transmitted to the Department as enclosure number 2 with my despatch number 754 of April 7th.

He has created much comment and on two occasions his audiences made loud demonstrations of approval as he left church. President Cabrera is said to be alarmed and after yesterday’s speech to have called a secret meeting of the Cabinet for the purpose of devising means to check the bishop’s activities.

The effect of Bishop Pinol’s speeches on the general public seems to be very definite. The opinion is freely expressed that all his statements are undeniably and painfully true and that the present situation is politically, financially and morally disastrous. No reference to these addresses has been made in the daily press although one weekly sheet attacks the bishop.

While the situation is potentially dangerous there is no reason to fear developments of a serious character unless President Cabrera should take violent measures against the bishop and his supporters in which event resistance might be encountered.

The situation is being very carefully observed and the Department will be immediately informed of any developments.