838.51/811: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Bailly-Blanchard) to the Acting Secretary of State

Department’s February 2 [27], 7 p.m. Acting Financial Adviser informs me that he has received from the Minister of Finance a copy of a letter from the [Minister] of Finance to the Banque National de la Republique d’Haiti stating that at a meeting of the Council of Secretaries of State the protocol of January 7, 1919 had been approved and that he, the Minister of Finance, was directed and instructed to adhere to the plan therein outlined and that under no consideration should one of the documents become signed without the other. In view of the above it appears to the Acting Financial Adviser and myself that the form of the acknowledgment of indebtedness [Page 362] of the Haitian Government to the bank is not the essential factor, but that the simultaneous signature of both documents of the agreement is obligatory and insisted upon.