War Trade Board Files

Notice Issued by the War Trade Board Section of the Department of State

W.T.B.R. 829

resumption of trade with hungary

The War Trade Board Section of the Department of State announces that, effective September 2, 1919, the resumption of trade and communication between the United States and Hungary has been authorized, and that, to effect such authorization, the General Enemy Trade License referred to in W.T.B.R. 802, July 14, 1919,1 has been amended by deleting the words “Hungary or “from paragraph 2 of the limitations upon said General Enemy Trade License.

Exports.—Exports from the United States to Hungary will be controlled by individual export licenses, but such licenses will be issued freely upon application, except with respect to the following commodities whose exportation to Hungary will be restricted for military reasons:

[Here follows list identical with that printed in volume I, page 185.]

Imports.—Imports into the United States from Hungary may take place under General Import License PBF No. 37 (W.T.B.R. 825 issued August 15, 1919),2 which has been revised and extended, effective September 2, 1919, so as to permit the importation from Hungary, without individual import licenses, of all commodities except those specifically enumerated in paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 of said W.T.B.R. 825, paragraph 3 of said Ruling being hereby cancelled and withdrawn.

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