882.51/980a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Davis )

5936. You are instructed to state in substance to British Foreign Office as follows:

The Department understands that the Government of Great Britain is in agreement with the memorandum of the Department, dated November 19, 1918, delivered to the British representative at Washington, relative to financial assistance to Liberia, and to the establishment of an American Customs Receivership.

In this connection it should be emphasized that the Government of Liberia has always affirmed the principle of the open door policy of impartial treatment and equal opportunities for trade and concessions in Liberia. In this principle the Government of the United States is in whole-hearted agreement.

However, before putting the terms of the memorandum into effect the Department would be glad to know that its understanding of the attitude of the British Government is correct.

As the matter has been very greatly delayed the Department would be glad to receive the immediate reply of the British Government.