The Acting Secretary of State to the British Chargé ( Lindsay )

My Dear Mr. Chargé d’Affaires: I am in receipt of your note of July 31st last, in which, referring to the President’s Proclamation of July 12, 1919, which prohibits the exportation of firearms from the United States to Mexico, except with the sanction of this Government, you request to be informed as to the policy by which the United States will be guided in dealing with any applications for permission to send firearms to Mexico.

In reply I beg to say that the Secretary of State grants licenses to reputable mining companies in Mexico for the shipment of dynamite and other explosives, to be used in mining operations, and also for small quantities of pistols and cartridges for the protection of mining employees or for the protection of Americans and other foreigners engaged in business in Mexico.

In some instances licenses for limited quantities of shot guns and ammunition therefor, for sporting purposes, are granted.

I am [etc.]

William Phillips