812.00/22811: Telegram

The Consul at Ciudad Juarez (Dow) to the Acting Secretary of State

Villistas entered from east and attacked Juarez this Sunday morning at 12:30, two hours later they occupied larger portion of town, Carrancistas retired to Fort Hidalgo high point half mile southwest of city. At 4 a.m. Carrancistas recaptured town and drove Villistas back to point east of Juarez. Casualties at this writing said to be not great and no American or others than Mexicans known to be injured on Mexican side. Large numbers Chinese have secured refuge at American Immigration Station. Mexican police and immigration officials left duties and came to El Paso early this morning. Several stray shots during fight struck American side causing a few casualties in El Paso. Since Villistas may again suddenly control entire city and vicinities I shall in such case remain at my home El Paso awaiting instructions from Department before crossing to Juarez to open Consulate or treat with any rebels whose leaders probably include Angeles and Villa. Embassy advised.