The Mexican Ambassador (Bonillas) to the Secretary of State

No. E–4421

Excellency: It has been reported to my Government that during the afternoon of the 28th of August, 1919, two aeroplanes of the United States which came from and afterward returned in the direction of Ojinaga flew over the city of Chihuahua and although this is the first time that U.S. aeroplanes flew over that city, they are known to cross the boundary line of the two Republics daily.

And, in compliance with instructions received from my Government, I have the honor to bring the foregoing to Your Excellency’s knowledge and to ask that you kindly use your good offices in having the facts complained of duly investigated in order that those found guilty be punished and repetition of violations like those above stated be prevented.

I duly thank Your Excellency [etc.]

Y. Bonillas