The British Embassy to the Department of State 11

No. 244


The British Embassy present their compliments to the Department of State and have the honour to refer to the Embassy’s memorandum No. 519 of March 14th12 and to previous correspondence respecting certain British claims against Nicaragua.

Since the date of the above memorandum the matter has been further discussed between representatives of the Embassy and of the State Department but without result and, as has been indicated to the Department, the British Government are unable to accept a settlement of these claims for less than £18,000.

The British Embassy have now been requested by the Foreign Office to inform them of the present position in regard to the settlement of claims against Nicaragua by the Public Credit Commission, and the Embassy would therefore be much obliged if the Department would be kind enough to inform them of the present situation in this matter.

  1. Substance transmitted to the Minister in Nicaragua by telegram, Apr. 5, 4 p.m.
  2. No. 519, printed supra, is dated May 14, 1918.