Memorandum of Mr. E. G. Greene of the Division of Latin American Affairs of the Department of State


The Nicaraguan Minister called at the Division this morning and spoke to Mr. Greene …

[Page 673]

The Minister stated that he had just received a telegram from his Government in regard to the recent disturbances in Bluefields. The telegram stated that in view of the partition [petition] signed by the foreign residents of Bluefields protesting against the lawlessness prevalent in the district and requesting protection to their persons and property, and suggesting the intervention of American Marines to restore peace and order, the Government of Nicaragua has issued an order expelling the signers of the petition. Three months, however, have been given to the residents to leave the country. The Minister further stated that several signers of the petition had made advances to the Nicaraguan Government with a view to their being permitted to remain, but that in many other cases no such steps had been taken by the signers of the petition. These, it was stated, would be expelled within three months. Mr. Greene asked the Minister whether he did not think that the expulsion of the signers of the petition was not too drastic a punishment for a protest against the lawlessness in Bluefields. The Minister replied that it seemed to him that it depended on the manner in which the petition was worded.

. . . . . . .

Elbridge Gerry Greene