741.91/22: Telegram

The Minister in Persia (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

163. The following is the full text of the agreement between Great Britain and Persian Government:2

. . . . . . .

Persian patriots claim that this treaty amounts to a protectorate over Persia by Great Britain but the Persians are prevented from public expression of opinion or giving vent to feelings in any manner by the existing martial law and controlled press, as well as the fact that British Army now occupy Persia.

While by the provision of the Persian Constitution, treaties are not effective until ratified by Persian Mejliss,3 nevertheless, it is understood that steps have been taken to immediately put into effect the provisions of this agreement. Moreover the current elections throughout the provinces are entirely controlled by the present Cabinet, members of which have been chosen as representatives of provinces wherein they have never been.

  1. For text of agreement, see p. 703.
  2. The national assembly.