741.91/82: Telegram

The Minister in Persia (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

165. Department’s instruction August 19, 5 p.m. Public sentiment against the treaty unabated but the people are afraid to demonstrate for fear of punishment, imprisonment, or exile, because of prevalence of martial law of more than a year’s duration, controlled press and presence of British Army.

Numerous applicants American and French Legations for bast5 as protest which have been of course denied.

All newspapers as far as permitted denounce the treaty with the exception of Raad the official cabinet organ which states that “America, the only Government able to assist Persia abandoned her; that the four great powers at Paris decided that Persia should be under protection and that it is a part of Great Britain’s portion; that Persia has been deceived by President Wilson’s good workers [fine words?] and that Persia is in the same position as Egypt.” This newspaper also fiercely criticises the Persian Peace Commission at Paris and its claims. Before leaving Paris, Commission[er] Moshaver-ol-Mamalek has been dismissed from Commission and as Foreign Minister and tendered Ambassadorship to Constantinople.

Other newspapers denounce treaty but suggest that similar treaty be made with America if possible. I am besieged with requests to know if my Government might be induced to make similar treaty if public opinion, [fall of] cabinet or such prevented this treaty from being carried into effect. Has Department any instructions in the matter.

  1. Asylum.