741.91/10: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

3205. Your 604920 and 6060.21 Have transmitted today to Foreign Office note embodying your 6049.22 It being no longer possible to reach Colonel House I have substituted for the last five lines of your first paragraph referring to him the following.

“I am permitted to quote a recent letter from Colonel House to the effect that ‘I have no reason to doubt that Lord Curzon’s memory as to what occurred between us is correct, nevertheless, the fact remains that there was no discussion of details and I was left with no impression as to what the agreement with Persia was to be. It was all so casual that I am sure it made no impression upon the President either’.”

Remainder of note follows despatch with slight paraphrasing. Copy forwarded by mail.

  1. Supra.
  2. Not printed.
  3. The Ambassador’s note to the Foreign Office was dated Oct. 7 (File No. 741.91/14).