860c.01/206: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Acting Secretary of State

395. Acting under direction from the President, I have sent the following telegram to Mr. Paderewski which gives full recognition to the Provisional Polish Government. In view of the necessity of immediate action I did not send the communication through the Department as I would normally do.

Following is the message:

“The President of the United States directs me to extend to you as Prime Minister and Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Provisional Polish Government his sincere wishes for your success in the high office which you have assumed and his earnest hope that the Government of which you are a part will bring prosperity to the Republic of Poland.

It is my privilege to extend to you at this time my personal greetings and officially to assure you that it will [be] a source of gratification to enter into official relations with you at the earliest opportunity. To render to your country such aid as is possible at this time as it enters upon a new cycle of independent life, will be in full accord with that spirit of friendliness which has in the past animated the American people in their relations with your countrymen.”


Am[erican] Mission