The Chief of the Polish State (Pilsudski) to President Wilson3

Great and Good Friend: Being desirous to strengthen and promote to the fullest extent the cordial relations, which so happily exist between Poland and the United States of America, I have made choice of Prince Casimir Lubomirski, one of our distinguished citizens, to reside near the Government of the United States of America in the quality of Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Poland.

My knowledge of his character and his friendship for the United States assures me that he will discharge the duties of his mission in a manner perfectly agreeable to Your Excellency.

I therefore request Your Excellency to receive him favorably and to give full faith and credence to what he shall say on the part of the State of Poland, more especially to the assurance which I have instructed him to convey to You of my best wishes for Your Excellency’s welfare and the prosperity of the United States.

J. Pilsudski
  1. Copy of letter of credence delivered by the Polish Appointed Minister to the Acting Secretary of State, Nov. 1, 1919.