The Spanish Ambassador (Riaño) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 76

Mr. Secretary: By order of my Government I have the honor to apply to your Excellency and to propose the renewal for another term of five years of the Arbitration Convention between Spain and the United States signed April 20, 1908 and extended on May 29, 1913,2 the extension having been ratified by the American Senate on the 21st of February 1914, by the President of this Republic on March 9, of that year, and by the Spanish Government on the 2nd of the same month of the same year.

The ratifications were exchanged at Washington on March 21, 1914, and the Convention was proclaimed on the 23rd of the same month of that year.

I beg your Excellency kindly to favor me with an answer as soon as the proposition offered through me by the Government of His Majesty is taken up by the Government of the United States, and thanking you in advance therefor, I avail myself [etc.]

Juan Riaño
  1. Agreement of May 29, 1913, Foreign Relations, 1914, p. 1081.