711.673/88: Telegram

The Consul General at Smyrna ( Horton ) to the Secretary of State

Under date of May 28, 1919, Turkish Minister of Justice issued instructions to attorney generals in the provinces that the trial of all [Page 816] cases before the Turkish courts in which British, French and Italian subjects are involved as defendants should be postponed until further notice and that no new suits against those subjects should be heard. American citizens and Greek subjects were excluded from this ruling though Greek [High] Commissioner here obliged Turkish tribunals in the vilayet to apply rule to Greeks also. Therefore there remain only American citizens who are discriminated against and decisions involving property rights can be given against them by default and without consular representation. This situation is most dangerous and injurious to our prestige and is already being utilized by the Turks. To avoid complete [complications and] manifest denial of justice and also as a matter of principle Turkish Government should be obliged to extend these instructions to American citizens.