814.00/358: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( McMillin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

39. That the situation has lately become almost hopeless of peaceful solution was illustrated yesterday during a call made on me by four Unionist leaders. They have been notified some time ago that if their object or that of their party was to overthrow the Government by unconstitutional or illegal means the Legation could have no relations with them. When pressed for information on that point in this interview they declared their purpose to turn President Estrada out before the expiration of his term and that they had not proceeded by impeachment because not sure of Congress. They said that hate was so bitter throughout the whole country against the President that any attempt at mediation on the part of the leaders of the Unionist Party or neutrals would be construed by bulk of party as friendship for President and would not be tolerated. [Page 725] Committee informed me that in a week or two a huge demonstration would be made in the capital by representatives from all parts of country at what time resignations of President would be asked for and if he refused he might be impeached by Assembly. This conversation occurred about six hours before Unionist parade to Assembly—reported in my 38 March 12th. I replied that as they admitted that their program was revolutionary my former notice was now effective and Legation could have no further political communication those seeking to overthrow legally constituted authority by force.